Hello, I’m Teresa

Having born into a family with native Italian roots, where big dominical gatherings were held around the kitchen-dining room, in which we’d consume home-breed or handcrafted goods, such as wine, vinegar, brines, cheeses, eggs, meats; we were educated based on the importance of manufacturing the foods of life, and particularly, desserts, for the bliss of ending every delicious meal with an even more delightful sweet treat, escorted by only the best cup of coffee.

Observing and practicing from an early age, we were trained to prepare and grant the sweet faction of food; desserts. Today, the time has come for us to share through Nonna’s Cucina Delights those learnings, further nurtured by the years of experience along with Bianca Chef’s guidance, member of our family and a notorious authority on the region’s fine pastry field.